Senate Democrats

Dianne Feinstein

Statement from A3p Founder Mike Davis:

“For the past fifty years, Democrats have debased themselves in Supreme Court confirmation hearings with childish antics, character assassinations, and straight up defamation. Dianne Feinstein botched the Kavanaugh confirmation process so badly that Democrats wanted to replace her for the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. And rightfully so. She gave Judge Barrett’s first Senate hearing the California treatment, mocking Barrett’s religious beliefs and made her a superstar at the same time. Because of Feinstein’s bigotry, the dogma now lives loudly within all of us.”

Anti-Catholic Statements on the Senate Judiciary

What else you should know about Diane Feinstein:

  • During the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Feinstein kept the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford secret until it was politically convenient to leak them.  “Feinstein waited for several weeks before disclosing allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers. The bombshell accusations nearly sank Kavanaugh’s nomination, and senators in both parties questioned why Feinstein didn’t move more quickly to disclose Blasey Ford’s statement.”3
  • “Feinstein sometimes gets confused by reporters’ questions, or will offer different answers to the same question depending on where or when she’s asked.”4
  • “A Democratic senator, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said a group of Feinstein’s colleagues want Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) or Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) to serve as the top Democrat on the Judiciary panel for the upcoming nomination hearings.” “She’s not sure what she’s doing,” the Democratic senator said of Feinstein. “If you take a look at Kavanaugh, we may be short two senators because of that. And if this gets [messed] up, it may be the same result.”5
  • “Let me say this — I know it’s going to be a fight, I understand that.” Feinstein said. “I don’t have a lot of tools to use, but I’m going to use what I have. We can try to delay and obstruct but they can run this process through. That doesn’t mean that we won’t fight tooth and nail.”6
  • Feinstein was the architect of the 1994 assault weapons ban.7
  • Feinstein opposed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have protected infants who survive a botched abortion.8
  • Feinstein used a Chinese spy as her driver in California.9

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