Senate Democrats

Cory Booker

Statement from A3P Founder Mike Davis

“For the past fifty years, Democrats have debased themselves in Supreme Court confirmation hearings with childish antics, character assassinations, and straight up defamation. Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker has taken that to a whole new level with his unserious, drama club antics in Senate Judiciary hearings, acting less like Spartacus and more like Bozo the Clown. We fully expect more juvenile antics from Booker, who has shown that he’s about as relevant a Senator as he was a presidential candidate.”

  • Booker has not signed the Article VI Pledge to refrain from a religious test on Amy Coney Barrett.

What else you should know about Cory Booker:

  • “On [Booker’s] watch, a federal investigation prompted by the ACLU found that Newark police targeted African-Americans with an aggressive stop-and-frisk program and buried a flood of civilian complaints over brutality. Booker resisted federal oversight at first, then reversed course under pressure. A corruption scandal  at the Newark Watershed took place under his nose, and while he wasn't implicated personally, several of his appointees were. If he were to gain traction in the presidential race, he'd have to answer for both problems."4
  • “Months after Cory Booker took office as mayor of Newark, New Jersey, he cleared the way for his former campaign treasurer and law partner Elnardo Webster to wield influence at the nonprofit that supplied water to the city.”5
  • “Over the next seven years, Booker's allies and others squandered millions of dollars in public money at the nonprofit through kickbacks and embezzlement, bogus contracts, risky investments and excessive pay, according to investigations, criminal trials and federal testimony. The organization ultimately was dissolved, nine employees and contractors were indicted and city money was wasted that could have helped fix some of Newark's aging water infrastructure.”6
  • The ex-director of the agency that once managed Newark’s water told federal investigators in 2015 that she pressured vendors to make campaign contributions to then-mayor Cory Booker and his political friends, new court records show.7
  • Cory Booker took campaign donations from a wealthy Saudi American who was arrested after the donor flew a private jet to Pennsylvania and physically assaulted his wife, said “he hoped she die[d] in hell”8 and was later investigated for allegations of running a straw donor network.9
  • Booker’s longtime friend, investor to his business, and donor to his campaigns10 was caught funding an election disinformation campaign during the 2017 Alabama Senate race.11
  • Booker admitted to groping a high school friend even after she swatted him away after his first advance, then wrote an essay about the encounter.12
  • Booker opposed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have protected infants who survive a botched abortion.13

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